1. People first We place the highest priority on our customers, employees, and all other people involved in our business activities.
  2. Creation is the soul of a company, quality is the life of a company We provide reliable quality through continuous technological research in the fields of photonics and electronics.
  3. Corporate Mission to Benefit Society We will contribute to people’s lives, industry, and society by always giving consideration to the global environment.


Using laser inspection technology, we will manufacture and sell high-precision, high-speed laser defect inspection systems, and contribute to society in the fields of semiconductors, liquid crystals, and medicine.


Since its establishment, LAZIN Co., Ltd. has been providing products and services that are trusted by customers, based on the management principles of “Challenge”, “Creativity” and “Integrity”.Using our unique laser scanning technology, we manufacture and sell inspection equipment specialized for surface and internal inspection of semiconductor materials and quartz glass surface inspection.In recent years, with the increasing integration of semiconductors and the miniaturization of LCD and OLED TVs, the quality requirements for glass products and other materials used in lithography technology have become ever higher, and we will continue to respond quickly to the needs of the times and provide high-quality laser inspection systems.

CEO Cho Tosho